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Oakley’s Radarlock Path glasses manage to tick just about every box going. The build quality is great, with excellent lenses and very little distortion.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.There’s a huge choice of aftermarket lenses too, including photochromic. Lens replacement is a quick and easy job thanks to the clever release system. In our experience, they are durable and resistant to scratching. Comfort is superb too, with an adjustable rubber nose piece and rubber coated arms.Mens Oakley Sunglasses.Both lenses included are vented, which we found made a huge difference on clammy days, and coverage and clarity were good. When it came to fit, the Radarlocks are really secure without feeling overly tight.


Metal frames, known for their malleability and corrosion-resistance, are common.Oakley Womens Sunglasses.They’re expensive, but generally worth the uptick in price. A subcategory in metal frames, titanium benefits from a lighter weight and scratch resistance, but often results in a higher cost.For sunglasses that are going to see time in athletic and heavy outdoor use, nylon frames are a solid choice. Temperature-resistant and simultaneously flexible and durable, they’re a good option if you’re going to find yourself in some physically demanding situations.Oakley Outlet.Grilamid is a non-brand specific nylon found in sunglasses, but some brands have their own riff on the material—Oakley’s is called “O-Matter.”Plastic frames often get a bad rap, thanks to the cheap sunglasses you’ll find in bargain bins, drug stores and the like. However, acetate—often used in traditional eyeglasses—benefits from being stronger, lighter, and more colorfast than traditional plastics. Most frames you’ll come across are constructed out of acetate, and with so many benefits, it’s not hard to see why.


Tinted lenses aren’t purely aesthetic, they affect what light your shades will block out, and how.Oakley Sunglasses Sale.Gray and green lenses are color neutral; they won’t visually affect the color of anything you’re looking at, while providing a slight boost to contrast in bright situations. It’s what helps establish them as the default tints in most sunglasses. Considering that they thrive in situations not unlike your average bright-and-sunny day, these are a solid all-around choice.Yellow and amber lenses thrive in low-light situations, amplifying light, contrast, and depth perception.Fake Oakleys.It’s because of this tint’s contrast-boosting qualities that they’re better for use in overcast—rather than truly sunny—environments. However, they also help your depth perception in relatively contrast-free environments—like when you’re trying to make out something in front of you on a surface that’s almost entirely white.

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